Friday, 21 May 2010

Portable Yahoo! Messenger

Portable Yahoo! Messenger | 14.6MB

Yahoo! Messenger is a popular advertisement-supported instant messaging client and associated protocol provided by Yahoo!, that allows you to see when friends come online and to send them instant messages.

It also can alert you to new e-mail in your Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Personals accounts, or when you have upcoming events recorded in your Yahoo Calendar. Yahoo Messenger offers firewall support, a standby mode that minimizes the program until an Internet connection is made, the ability to save and print your conversations, and a tabbed interface that provides quick access to your favorite stocks, news, and sports scores.

Yahoo! Messenger is provided free of charge and can be downloaded and used with a generic "Yahoo! ID" which also allows access to other Yahoo! services, such as Yahoo! Mail, where users can be automatically notified when they receive new email.
Yahoo! also offers PC-PC, PC-Phone and Phone-to-PC service, file transfers, webcam hosting, text messaging service, and chat rooms in various categories.

Other features include the ability to create a chat room automatically, stock price alerts, the ability to send messages to friends (even if they're not online when you are), a Quick Compact mode that hides the Messenger tools to maximize your viewing area, Messenger Themes, and voice chat, which allows you to talk for free to anybody else on the Internet. It also includes Launchcast Radio, Yahoo Games, and Yahoo Audibles. Using a Webcam, you can see who you're chatting with or view the Webcam of any Yahoo member who has granted you access.

Yahoo! has announced a partnership with Microsoft to join their instant messaging networks. This would make Yahoo! Messenger compatible with Microsoft's .NET Messenger Service. It also made Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger compatible with Yahoo!'s Network. This change has taken effect as of 2006-07-13, - Yahoo! Messenger has integrated instant messaging with Windows Live Messenger users, and is fully functional.
Yahoo! Messenger was originally launched under the name Yahoo! Pager on 1998-03-09.

Photo Sharing. Drag-and-drop photos into your IM windows and talk about them like you're there.
LAUNCHcast Radio. Make your own radio station and listen to music you like!
Yahoo! Games. Right in your IM window, challenge friends to a game of backgammon or pool while you catch up.
IMVironments. Use interactive themed backgrounds in your IMs.

IM Windows Live Messenger friends - New! Share IMs (and more), plus see them on your Messenger List.
Yahoo! Calendar. Stay organized and get calendar alerts.
Contact Search Bar. Quickly find a contact to IM, call, SMS and more.
Find, Add, Share Friends. Easily get connected with the people who matter most.
Yahoo! Search. Find what you need right from your IM window.
File Transfer. Share files with friends instantly.
Address Book. Synchronize all your contact information.
Stealth Settings. Make yourself appear online to some and offline to others.

Plug-ins - New! Add content, services and games to Messenger.
Sound effects - New! Play fun sounds or a song during PC calls.
Audibles. Let these animated characters say it out loud for you!
Emoticons. Express your feelings with these animated smiling faces.
Yahoo! Avatars. Represent yourself with a stylized graphical image.
Display Images. Select an image to represent yourself to your friends.
Skins. Select new visual designs or disable them altogether.

Chat Rooms. Join a live, group chat room to discuss a variety of topics.
Make Calls From Your PC. Make free worldwide PC-to-PC calls, plus free voice mail.
PC-to-Phone Calls* - New! Call regular and mobile phones for as low as 1?/min.
Phone-to-PC Calls* - New! Get a phone number for your PC so friends can call you.
Connect on Yahoo! 360 - New! Stay up to date with friends' blogs, photos, and more.
Take Yahoo! with You. Send and receive IMs on your mobile phone.
Webcam. Share live video with friends and family around the world.
Conference. Exchange text messages with multiple people in one IM.


Thursday, 20 May 2010

Solid Converter PDF v5.0.627 Portable - Convert PDF to Word, Excel

Solid Converter PDF v5.0.627 Portable|21.5MB

Convert PDF to Word, Excel - Easily Editable Documents!

Solid Converter® PDF is one of several excellent PDF conversion and creation products from Solid Documents. Review the comparison table below to see which one best fits your needs, then click the Buy Now! button to purchase the appropriate product.

System Requirements

* Windows® Vista (32 bit), 2003 or XP
* Microsoft® Office (any version) required to create PDF files from .doc, .xls, .ppt, ...
* Single product license for single system. Site licenses are available.
* Microsoft® Office 2007 or 2003 required for Scan to Word.
* Minimum - CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 (2GHz) or AMD AthlonTM XP 2800 (2.2GHz); RAM: 512MB
* Recommended - CPU: Intel® 2 Duo E6300 (1.86GHz) or AMD AthlonTM 64 X2 3800 (2GHz); RAM: 1GB (2GB if running Windows® Vista)


Bon Jovi - Best Ballads 320kbps

Bon Jovi - Best Ballads

Bon Jovi - Best Ballads (1997)
Rock | FLAC | lossless | 459 MB
Track list:
01. Blaze Of Glory (5:46)
02. Diamond Ring (3:47)
03. Always (5:54)
04. Never Say Good-Bye (4:51)
05. Living In Sin (4:39)
06. This Ain't A Love Song (5:05)
07. Bed Of Roses (6:40)
08. Dying Ain't Much Of A Living (4:39)
09. Wanted Dead Or Alive (5:11)
10. One Light Burning (5:51)
11. Lie To Me (5:35)
12. I'll Be There For You (5:47)
13. Silent Night (5:04)
14. Hearts Breaking Even (5:05)


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Splash HD Player Lite 1.40 Portable

Splash HD Player Lite 1.40 Portable | 6.66 MB

 Splash plays all your High Definition AVC/H.264 camcorder movies and digital television (DVB-T), incredibly fast, smooth, with no problems, no glitches. You don't need any additional codecs.

Features of Splash:
- Watch your HD recordings and movies on your PC: play all your High Definition AVC/H.264 camcorder clips and movies, incredibly fast, smooth, with no problems, no glitches. You don't need any additional codecs. Download, install, watch. It takes about one second to start application and HighDefinition video playback!
- Rediscover Digital Television: watch, timeshift and record high quality DVB-T television with pleasure. Easy navigation and fast channel zapping. Rediscover standard television with high quality and power saving image post-processing technologies, optimized to work with desktops, notebooks and netbooks.
- Watch your videos everywhere: want to take your movies or camcorder clips with you? Just push a button and upload clips to your favorite portable multimedia device or directly to YouTube . Take advantage of fast Mirillis video transcoding engine.
- Top video quality: Picture² - advanced picture post-processing engine, delivering the best video quality. Watch standard definition videos like never before. Optimized to deliver top quality video on all PCs: desktops, notebooks and netbooks.
- Clear, stylish and innovative User Interface: Splash is compact, stylish, user friendly and incredibly fast!
- Clear, stylish and innovative User Interface: Splash is compact, stylish, user friendly and incredibly fast! Provides the best user experience for video files and digital TV playback. Designed to enjoy multimedia the proper way.
- Featuring Mirillis AVC/H.264 Codec: Ultra fast video decoder designed for your multi-core processor and graphics card hardware acceleration (GPU). Choose our optimized low power consumption technologies, save your mobile PC batteries, money and the environment. You don't need any additional codecs to play the best quality videos now!

Changes in Splash:
- Fixed decoding of some video streams on Intel/nVidia GPUs
- MKV internal subtitles support added
- DVB-T channel scanning improvements (Australia, France, UK)
- VC-1 decoding improvements
- DTS audio decoding improvements
- Deinterlacing improvments on ATI GPUs (WinXP)


Bootable USB Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 Maker

Bootable USB Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 Maker | 14MB

Introducing the tool for Installing Windows For Your Netbooks, Notebooks, or desktop from USB Flash Drive
Instruction.( for Option 1 ONLY other Instruction Inside)

*If Required To format with HP Formatter use USB formatter and Donot Bypass the Instruction.
Note: When Formatting Choose NTFS ( this is the Most Important!

1.Install WinSetupFromUSB_0-2-3
2.Follow the Instruction
3.Browse the Source XP cd
4.Click GO. ( note: when making bootable USB! dONT Press or check anything just GO only )
5.Wait until System Process Finished.

Before Installation

After Finished
1. Exit the USB.
2. Safety ReMoved

Final Installation for Setup

1. Insert to your Laptop or NetBook USB HUB!
2. In the BOOT SCREEN! bott from CD/DVD?USB. drive
3. Press Enter
***** the Screen will boot Dont Press anything let the program Run for Installation!!!
4. You will see that the System Prompt installing The PART - 1

Let System Continue and Do Not Press Any KEY until It Finished!


Easy GIF Animator 5 PRO (only 5.07 MB)

Easy GIF Animator 5 PRO | 5.07 MB
 Easy GIF Animator is powerful yet very easy to use software for creating and editing animated GIF images.
With this animated GIF editor you can easily create animated pictures, banners and buttons in no time. You can use special features to add stunning visual effects and prepare your animation for publishing on your web page. Easy GIF Animator supports all types of GIF animation and provides high compression and great quality for your animated GIF images. To top it all off, Easy GIF Animator is the best priced animated GIF editor on the market today.

Great News! The latest version of our GIF animator includes a built-in image editor, banner wizard and special tools to make your experience even more productive.

With Easy GIF Animator You Can:

• Easily create animated banners, pictures and buttons
• Create animated GIF images from scratch
• Edit and modify animated GIF images
• Add visual effects to your GIF animation
• Create moving text effects
• Optimize animated GIF images so they take less space and load faster
• Preview GIF animation in web browser
• Resize whole animations at once
• Manage animation frames
• Set animation loop count and frame duration
• Extract separate animation frames
• Reverse GIF animation or a portion of it
• Easily set transparency
• Add sound to your animation
• Save animation in SWF Flash format
• Search the Web to find images for use in your animation
• Export GIF animation to AVI format
• Use GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP images in your animation
• Generate HTML code for publishing animation on the web


Logo Maker 2.0 (Easily Create Your Own Logo!)

Logo Maker 2.0 (Easily Create Your Own Logo!) | 75 MB

Over 500 professionally designed and fully modifiable logo templates categorized by industry and interest.
Over 2500 objects and shapes for making logos.

Easy to use, drag & drop, graphical engine for image and text manipulation: scale, rotate, align, groups, layers etc.
Vector-based Shape editor to create and customize your own shapes.
Over 30 effects for object and text editing such as Shadow, Transparency, Brightness, Blur, Gradient, etc.
Plug-ins for adding special effects such as Jitter, Pixelate, Sharp, Water etc.
Regular, Polygonal, Concave, Wavy, Circular, Outline and Perspective Text
Full screen editing
Export to PDF, JPG, TIF and other file formats
Professional, Creative, Refined & Designer fonts included
The built in Internet browser for accessing new objects, templates, 40,000 free fonts, 100,000 free pictures, etc.

LogoMaker 2.0 is an innovative and easy to use product that makes it possible for any business owner to design professional business logos, create advertisements, design nice page headers for a web site and other identifying graphics in just minutes. The easy to use features of LogoMaker include hundreds of fully modifiable logo templates and objects categorized by industry and interest, high quality graphical engine, creative tools and special effects.