Thursday, 8 July 2010

Apple Final Cut Express 4.0.1 (2009) Mac

Apple Final Cut Express 4.0.1 (2009) Mac  | 732MB 

Now you can edit like a pro with Final Cut Express 4
Start by capturing DV, HDV and AVCHD footage or import your movie from iMovie ‘08 - and discover the advanced moviemaking power at your disposal in the new, Open Format Timeline.

Ready for still more?

Add dynamic titles and graphics using LiveType.

Final Cut Express 4 delivers all the tools you need to make great movies.

Apple’s powerful moviemaking package now supports the latest AVCHD cameras, features an open format Timeline, provides iMovie ‘08 compatibility, and offers sophisticated effects and filters.

*Built-in AVCHD
Offering plenty of creative options, Final Cut Express 4 lets you edit footage captured in the most popular
formats - including AVCHD.

* Simply connect your camcorder to your Mac, preview and select the AVCHD clips you’d like to import, and start editing your video.

*Open format Timeline
No need to worry about formats, frame rates, or conversions. Final Cut Express 4 provides an open format Timeline that handily accommodates DV (both NTSC and PAL) and HD footage simultaneously and in real time.Just drop video into the Timeline and edit away.

*Import iMovie ‘08 projects With iMovie ‘08, putting together a great movie is as quick as drag and drop. When you want to add professional polish to your project, simply export to Final Cut Express 4 and edit like a pro.

*Sophisticated FxPlug effects and filters
Add cinematic looks to your project with an expansive library of professional-quality transitions and filters and experiment with over 50 brand-new video effects, including Soft Focus, Vignette, Light Rays, and Line Art.

iSkysoft iMedia Converter 2.0.5 (Intel Only)

iSkysoft iMedia Converter 2.0.5 (Intel Only) | Mac Os X | 14 MB
iSkysoft iMedia Converter for Mac is an all-in-one converter that supports almost any DVDs or video files you throw at it.
It enables you to rip DVDs, convert videos (such as MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV) and extract audio from DVD&video, fast and easily. DVD and video conversion for playback on your iPad, iPod, iPhone 4, Apple TV, PSP or other devices, and for uploading to iMovie, iDVD, YouTube is now a breeze with iMedia Converter's well organized presets. iMedia Converter 2.0 is specifically designed for Mac OS X 10.5 Intel and 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Kaspersky Mobile Security v8.0.51 EN

Kaspersky Mobile Security 8.0 is designed to ensure complex protection of
mobile devices.

The product provides the following functionality to the user:

File system scan for viruses or other malicious programs by user's demand

or according to the schedule
On-access anti-virus file scan
Opportunity to quarantine infected objects and disinfect some of them
Anti-virus databases update by user's demand or according to the schedule
via GPRS, Wi-Fi, EDGE or ActiveSync (for Windows Mobile version)
Blocking unsolicited SMS messages and calls
Opportunity to block the user data in case the device is lost or stolen
Opportunity to delete user data in case the device is lost or stolen
Device protection against network attacks via TCP/IP
Opportunity to create a folder for saving files in the encrypted form
Opportunity to identify the phone location remotely
(if the device is equipped with a GPS receiver)
Opportunity to block outgoing calls and messages to the specified numbers.

The product has a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

The product can be installed to the main memory of the mobile device only.

Product components:
Kaspersky Mobile Security 8.0 comprises the following components:

Parental control

DOWNLOAD Mobile Security v8.0.51 EN.rar

AirRadar 1.3

AirRadar 1.3 | Mac Os X | 7 MB
Scanning for wireless networks is now easier and more personalized! AirRadar allows you to scan for open networks and tag them as favourites or filter them out.
View detailed network information, graph network signal strength, and automatically join the best open network in range.
Whether you are driving around looking for wireless networks, stuck in traffic, sitting on the beach, or if you are curious how strong your wireless signal is at home, AirRadar provides a more linear approach to network hunting. Setup a scan frequency, and have new open or closed networks have their name spoken, play alerts, or display notifications.
Various other options allow you to customize your network list further, including assigning colors to best open networks and sound cues. Download it today, and take the hardship out of getting an internet connection at a critical time.
Mac OS X 10.5 or later

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional 9.3.3.Add Portable version (30.06.2010)

Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional 9.3.3.Add Portable version (30.06.2010) | 2.05 GB
Adobe Acrobat Professional - a professional software product for organizing efficient and secure workflow. It not only allows you to create PDF-documents and control their use, but also makes it easier to work together on projects and collection of personal data. Create and optimize documents in Adobe PDF. Using Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional, you can create PDF-files from Microsoft Office, Outlook, Internet Explorer, as well as from any program with print function. Service documentation, spreadsheets, emails, web-sites, technical drawings - all easily optimize and convert to universal PDF-files, while fully preserving the appearance and integrity of the original documents.

Key features:
Create interactive, operational presentations. Use Adobe Presenter, included in the package on Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, to liven up slides Microsoft PowerPoint. Add video, voice comments, demos and interactive questions to keep the attention of audiences and consolidate learning. Save the presentation as a PDF, so that it can be viewed at any convenient time.
Combine a very different content. Combine documents, drawings, emails and spreadsheets, as well as multimedia components, including video, audio, 3D-graphics and maps-into a single compressed portfolio PDF. Choose one of the many professional templates for rapid integration of content, navigation refinement, the company inserts symbols and refining portfolio PDF.
Simple exchange video files in PDF. Native support for Flash ® technology provides a reliable cross-sharing videos, animations and applications in Acrobat and Adobe Reader. Convert various video formats for playback in FLV PDF files without additional multimedia player.
Creation of electronic forms and management. Converting Microsoft Word documents and Excel or scanned documents to PDF forms with automatic recognition filled fields. Using applications Adobe LiveCycle ® Designer ES - a professional tool for creating forms, part of the package 9 Acrobat Pro Extended,, for the creation, configuration and automation of dynamic forms of XML. Inspector forms for viewing the date of filling forms and the author of forms. Simple export data in a spreadsheet for analysis and reporting, either in the database.
Protecting valuable information. Control access to PDF documents and their use, the appointment of digital rights and preserve the integrity of documents. Assignment of permits for documents that define the ability to print and change the file. The use of passwords to limit access to documents. Using editing tools for the reliable removal of classified information. Digital signature and certification documents to verify the reliability of the source from which they came. Creating and using security policies of documents that can be easily applied to new files PDF.
Enabling users Adobe Reader. Ability to users for free Adobe Reader software to put documents on a digital signature to participate in reviewing the documents and save forms locally (requires Adobe Reader 8.0 or later.). Expanding the functionality of Acrobat Reader allows users to invite anyone to work on the workflows initiated by you.
Protection of documents. Use passwords to control access to documents PDF. Use permit for setting restrictions on printing, copying or modification. Save passwords and permissions as a protection strategy that can be easily applied to new files PDF.
Safe disposal of sensitive information. Use tools to remove confidential text, pictures or other data, while removing the contents of a PDF document can not be recovered. Before you send PDF documents to other users check the documents for metadata, hidden layers, and other hidden data that must be removed.
Providing access to virtually any project materials. Virtual convert any two-and three-dimensional images, including layers, dimensions, and metadata-in a PDF file for easy and reliable data about the product.
Management reviews of documents and tracking them. Get the necessary data through an interactive review of documents, allowing participants to see comments from other participants, which can be sorted by author, date or page. Use the Inspector forms for tracking progress and to take part in it.
Synchronizing the display of documents. Make sure that colleagues, customers and partners while browsing the same page in the document, as well as enjoy the opportunity to co-navigate documents. To achieve clarity and enhance discussion, participants send a document via e-mail and it worked, showing the necessary page all at once.
Comparison of documents PDF. Automatically highlighted the differences between two versions of PDF-document, including text and images that allows the user to easily and quickly identify changes.
View and use maps PDF. Search, measure and mark on maps with PDF chart privodkoy. When the mouse cursor at any point displays the latitude and longitude location.

New features and improvements
Create interactive, operational presentation applications using Adobe Presenter.
Combine multiple files in one portfolio PDF.
Use professional portfolio templates for PDF.
Convert video FLV format for viewing files in PDF.
Use support 3D-graphics and interactive maps PDF.

Package 9 Acrobat Pro Extended includes:
Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES
Adobe Presenter
Adobe 3D Reviewer
Adobe 3D Capture Utility for UNIX ®

The changes:
Integrated software updates that make the original version 9.0 into a version 9.3.2.
From the source distribution, containing English, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian removed all languages except Russian and English.
From the installer was uprooted in the Romanian language installation. Provided the choice of language settings: English or Russian.
By the Installer menu added Box-adapted version. Made it in the image and likeness of a similar menu for Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.
In the integrated installer serial number, and file CrackIt.txt in the root directory contains instructions for activating the program.

1. Turn off the Internet.
2. Install the program with sewn into the installer serial number.
3. Install optional update
4. For once, run Acrobat and Distiller.
5. Set the attribute "Read Only" (Read-only) on the file% CommonProgramFiles% \ Adobe \ Adobe PCD \ cache \ cache.db
6. Turn on the Internet.
7. Enjoy the registered version of the product!

Note: after this, program updates via firmware updater will not install. Also, you can not add anything new products Adobe. If such a need to close all open applications and remove the attribute "read only" (Read-only) to file cache.db, set the "novelty" pozapuskayte it all the applications, similar to that described in Section 3 and then return the attribute " Read-only "(Read-only) ago.

Changing the interface language: the program is immediately dvuyazykoy. To change language interface in the menu on the way "Edit-> Settings ...-> World" (Edit-> Preferences ...-> Internetional) change the "Language Applications" (Application Language) on select startup programs " (Choose at application startup). Then restart the program and in the pop-up window, select your preferred language interface.

Developer: Adobe Systems Incorporated
Interface Language: English | Russian
OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Seven

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Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 v10.0.1-TE

Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 v10.0.1-TE
The new Ashampoo Burning Studio will keep all the advantages of its predecessor and adds multi-disc file backup, an integrated audio CD ripper and further improved support for the exciting new Blu-Ray format with capacities of up to 25 gigabytes per layer. Many users are tired of over-complicated CD burning applications that are getting harder and harder to use. Sometimes you can waste most of your time just trying to find a function. Ashampoo Burning Studio focuses on what you want: To burn discs quickly, easily, with maximum quality and minimum hassle. It includes everything you need to be able to do that. And it excludes everything that could get in the way.