Friday, 28 May 2010

MOBILedit! Lite

MOBILedit! Lite|29.5 MB

Control your mobile phone from the PC via Bluetooth, infrared, or cable

MOBILedit! is the perfect solution for you if you want to control your cell phone from the PC via Bluetooth, infrared, or cable. With a simple click, backup all phone data, copy them to different mobile phones and manipulate your contacts without even touching the phone.

When you receive an SMS, it arrives on your PC in a similar way as an email; simply reply to it or move the SMS to the archive. You will become much more productive as a result. You no longer need to be concerned that your colleagues all have a different flavor of cell phone or about that trip where you planned to take your handy with you but couldn't consider dragging alone the PC.

MOBILedit! is like a remote administration software for you mobile phone.

Upload all the needed information to the phone and organize contacts swiftly using MOBILedit! Do away with entering text on small keyboards, use your computer and speed up your productivity. Ease your communication with friends, family and colleagues.

Become a power networker, quickly sending messages. Never fear the loss of your phone, you've safely backup all its contents. When buying a new phone, seamlessly transfer all of your information.

Here are some key features of "MOBILedit! Lite":

· communication via infrared, Bluetooth or cable
· able to connect multiple mobile phones at one time and manage their data concurrently
· full phone and SIM card status information (including signal strength, battery status, current network operator, connection type, hardware and software revision, IMEI, etc.)
· ability to read selected data from the phone on demand (this refers to the fact that you needn't read everything, you can pick the desired information to be displayed)
· file system enabling work with multi-media files stored in a phone like ringtones, photos, MP3's, themes, and java applications
· a powerful editor for phonebooks stored in phones or SIM cards: multilevel undo, emphasizing all unsaved changes in phonebooks, intelligent differential write will save only changed items, intelligent phonebook synchronization for Sony Ericsson phones (if you change the content in the phone, just the differences are read into the phone instead of the whole phonebook, it is much much faster), support for structured items (more data for one contact, such as fax, more phones, email, address etc.), fulltext search across all contacts

· comfortable internationalization
· easy sorting and filtering of your contacts
· swap the first name for the last name with one click
· swapping contacts with drag&drop function
· drag&drop contacts between MOBILedit! and other programs like Word, Excel, etc.
· import and export of contacts
· online dial control from connected phones, also hang-up and busy
· handling of incoming calls through MOBILedit!
· full SMS management: send SMS messages, automatically stores them to Sent Items on the PC: send long SMS messages, handling of incoming SMS through MOBILedit!, automatic conversion of SMS characters into GSM compliant character set, sort, read, and archive your SMS messages on your hard drive
· Wizard helps beginners with general MOBILedit! Settings
· archive and AutoBack-up will protect your data in case you lose your phone
· multiple backups can be created for a single device and any of them can be restored when needed
· open interface - API and source codes available, all developers can support different phones and add applications to MOBILedit!
· smart-card and SIM readers supported via PC/SC standard
· direct SIM card operations via smart-card readers - full SIMedit! functionality
· complete MS Outlook support
· complete MS Outlook Express support
· transfer of contacts between MS Outlook and Outlook Express, you can easily migrate
· all paying users can download new drivers, applications and versions from the Internet
· synchronization of the time in phone with the PC: automatic mode or manually
· multi-language support through installable language packages
· online update system
· intelligent install/uninstall (you will not loose created data ith uninstall)
· customizable shortcuts in the Framework window for quick navigation in MOBILedit!
· skinnable design, skin creator available for free
· user definable sounds for different events
· user definable device names: you can assign names to phones, SIM cards or readers
· user definable Picture for phones
· chess game via SMS
· You can just click to anonymously register your phone in database, which helps to protect your phone from being stolen or sold.

· Supports the following phone brands: Alcatel, Ericsson, Apple, Kyocera, LG, Mivvy, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, Sagem, Samsung, Sharp, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Ubiquam, ZTC. Check if your cell phone is listed.
· CPU: Equal to Pentium 300 MHz or above
· RAM: 128MB or above
· HDD: 59MB or above

· The Lite version will give you full functionality for the first 30 days, and thereafter, these limitations will be in effect: a short text is added to the outgoing SMS's ("Sent by MOBILedit!"); it's possible to dial up to 5x's until the next restart of the program; the Chess game is limited; writing to devices is not possible, however, you can make backups; updates will be denied; MS Outlook Express supported in Full version; the file system is read only and you can download only one file until the next restart of the program.
What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

Improved Phone Copier:
· user mapping was redesigned
· more intelligent copying
· copying to and from file
· interface improvements
· Improved Outlook synchronization
· Improved Restore wizard helps backup and restore data to any phone
· Improvements in the program interface

· All current Blackberry phones are supported through cable connection
· BlackBerry 9530 Storm now works through Bluetooth

· LG B2050
· LG GB220
· LG GT500
· LG GT505
· LG GW520
· LG KC550
· LG KF900
· LG KP170
· LG KP501
· LG KS20
· LG KT520
· Nokia 2600 classic
· Nokia 2700 classic
· Nokia 2720 fold
· Nokia 2730 classic
· Nokia 3250
· Nokia 5730 XpressMusic
· Nokia 6650 fold
· Nokia 7230
· Nokia 7510 Supernova
· Nokia 8600 Luna
· Nokia E60
· Nokia E63
· Nokia E72
· Nokia N81
· Nokia N93
· Nokia N97 mini
· Nokia X3
· Nokia X6
· Samsung B5702
· Samsung GT-S3310
· Samsung GT-S3650
· Samsung GT-S5620
· Samsung S3030
· Samsung S5200
· Samsung S7220
· Samsung SGH-D780
· Samsung SGH-E870...



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