Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Amnesia 1.2 (MacOSX)

Amnesia... Many software titles on Mac OS come with the uninstall directions of simply "Drag the application to the Trash and empty it". In reality, this often leaves many related files on the computer taking up valuable hard drive space. Amnesia performs a smart scan to determine all related files to be removed.

Easily uninstall not just applications, but also Screen Savers, Dashboard Widgets, and Preference Panes. Amnesia will remove logs, caches, application support files, preferences, crash reports, and other application specific files. Take the frustration and time out of searching for all of these files manually. In addition, turn on a secure deletion option to prevent recovery of the removed files.

Scared to accidentally remove something you may need later? Amnesia comes with a built-in backup function which creates an archive of related files in case you wish to restore them at a later time. It will reinstall the pieces of the product exactly where they came from - even if you choose to restore to a different machine!
Another powerful feature Amnesia has to offer is the ability to create a list of Untouchables (in addition to the ones built-in). Untouchables are software products which Amnesia will warn you about incase a remove is attempted. This is handy incase a particular software product should be removed using a manufacturer-provided uninstaller instead.
Version 1.2:
  • New Feature: Now uses a threaded process to search for apps with Spotlight.
  • New Feature: Now performs an internal consistency check before allowing the application to launch.
Mac OS X 10.4 or later.


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