Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Transmit 4.0.5 [k'ed] UB

Transmit is an excellent FTP (file transfer protocol), SFTP, S3 ( file hosting) and iDisk/WebDAV client that allows you to upload, download, and delete files over the internet. With the most Mac-like interface available, Transmit makes FTP as simple, fun, and easy as it can possibly be.

Version 4.0.5:
  • Added a new "Use application for all files" checkbox to the External Editor preferences
  • Transmit Disk now logs into the 'Remote Path' specified in a favorite
  • Transmit Disk now works more reliably with symbolic links
  • Fixed an issue with Transmit Disk files becoming truncated in rare situations
  • Local file view now refreshes automatically more reliably
  • Subfolders in the Transfers view now use our magical Double Progress Bar
  • Improved performance when doing remote moves and deletes
  • Improved memory usage
  • Secure certificate reliability has been improved
  • S3 bucket regions are now shown in the Get Info window
  • Fixed a rare issue where the "Move" command could move the wrong item
  • Added support for syncing with Smart Folders
  • DockSend now works better with initial paths that contain non-Latin characters
  • Passwords with special characters (such as € symbols) now work more reliably
  • Droplets now working when both favorite and droplet are set to "prompt for password"
  • Smart Folders no longer require a refresh to display properly
  • Custom alert sounds with spaces in their names now play properly when transfers complete
  • "Preserve modification dates" now works more reliably for both files and folders
  • Fixed a possible double error message when server doesn't support permissions changes
  • On servers that hate spaces, temporary untitled items will no longer contain spaces
  • Freshly created files will now properly "Open" in list view
  • Transmit Disk now properly deletes items in .Trashes when emptying trash
  • Fixed an issue where "Show Invisible Files" could get out of sync in single pane mode
  • WebDAV: Added compatibility for Folio Cloud servers
  • WebDAV: Enabling default file permissions works better for certain servers
  • Canceling certain S3 uploads no longer shows an inappropriate error message
  • AppleScript: fixed "change location to path" in column view
  • AppleScript: fixed an issue with Automator and the 'Download' action
  • Fixed a problem with spurious errors during SFTP downloads
  • Local paths are now correct when you do "Open in Tabs" on a Favorites folder
  • Fixed an issue with broken aliases that could be seen on Drobo devices
  • Improved DockSend reliability when two Favorites share a Local Path
  • "Skip Rules" are now properly applied when calculating the size of a transfer
  • Improved reliability of Mobile Me favorites syncing
  • Amazon S3 permissions are no longer possibly lost during external editing
  • Added compatibility with Air Sharing via HTTPS
  • Bandwidth limiting is now more reliable
  • Added compatibility with CrushFTP servers via TLS/SSL
  • Added compatibility with Unix-style file listings on OS/400 servers
  • Growl notifications are now limited to a fixed number
  • Externally editing symlinks is now more reliable
  • Added compatibility with TViX media players
  • Greatly increased the speed of nested directory listings in column view
  • Transfer modes are now changed properly if overridden in the preferences
  • Username/password fields are no longer cleared when changing the server address
  • Improved the "E-Mail Transcript to Panic" feature
  • Fixed permissions issues with FileZilla servers
  • Improved reliability of external editing when navigating to files using the keyboard
  • Added support for WebDAV servers that redirect to a secure connection
  • Passwords are now always saved in the default keychain, not just the first keychain
  • Renaming files on S3 servers will no longer possibly modify permissions
  • Edit in Transmit will now properly re-cache remote files in case they have changed
  • PORT mode is now used more reliably if PASV connections timeout
  • Improved reliability of many-file Amazon S3 transfers
  • Fixed a circular issue with symlinks that point to symlinks that point to symlinks that point to...
  • Added Transmit Disk compatibility with VSFTPD servers that have require_ssl_reuse enabled
  • The Sync arrow now shows the correct sync direction when changed via AppleScript
  • Canceling remote transfers no longer causes a hang under certain rare conditions
  • Bonjour server listing is now more thorough and displays all servers
  • Uploading files with special characters to Amazon S3 now works more reliably
  • Added compatibility with NetWare servers and files with numbers in the name
  • Transferring files with Cmd-Down / double click now properly groups files
  • Using Cmd-Up to go up a folder now automatically highlights the enclosing folder
  • When switching between remote and local views, Transmit now returns to the last-used directory
  • Added compatibility with Linux-FTPD/Wu-FTPD style listings
  • Added some support for S3's new Reduced Redundency Storage via custom headers
  • Local aliases are now be followed when Linked Folder Navigation is enabled
  • S3 New Bucket sheet now remembers the last-used bucket region
  • Fixed a whole batch of possible crashes, exceptions, and tiny little things
Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
Release Name: Transmit 4.0.5 [k'ed] UB



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